Short Stories

Woman from Santander

A Spanish painter got in touch with me. I don’t remember how. She asked me three questions; two of which were trivial but the last one was about her brain scan. I looked at it and saw changes which could indicate she had cancer. I never told her that because I was in the hospital myself. I need to advise her to see an oncologist ASAP. Can you show me a map of Spain? Yes! From Santander. Her last name was rare and consisted of two words. Can you find her? Does she exist? Or is it just my fantasy?

Short Stories

Got the message

I’ll see you by the fountain – I hear her speaking on the phone as I enter Bushy Park. Got the message – I think and go straight to the fountain. On my way, I read about it. It’s named after a Roman goddess of the hunt, the Moon and nature – Diana. She’s also associated with wild animals and woodland. It suddenly makes sense. I get to the fountain. A bird sits on Diana’s head. It’s a heron. Then there’s a white swan in the water just in front of me. I’ve made it. It’s a clear message that I’ve made it.